In addition to our wide range of conveyor belt products, we also carry a variety of products to assist with your material handling requirements.

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  • Pulleys and idlers
  • Re-lag drive pulleys - on site or in house
  • Bearings, Hubs, Shafts, Gear Boxes, etc.
  • Plows, Impact Beds, & more
  • Any size - large or small - one roller or large lots
  • Compounds such as but not limited to: SBR, Neoprene, Nitrile, Hi-Heat, Urethane, etc.
  • Patterns: Diamond, Herringbone Groove, Longitudinal Groove, Rough-top, Semi-Rough-top, V-guide grooves, crowning, etc.
  • Industries we service: Sand & Gravel, Wood, Metal, Glass, Corrugate, Recycling, Agriculture, Food & Beverage
Additional Accessories
  • Skirtboard / Flashing - Rubber & Urethane.
  • Belt Scrapers - Rubber & Urethane.
  • EZ Skirt product containment systems.
  • Channel Rubber
  • Belt Fasteners - Wide range in stock from manufacturers such as Flexco and MLT
Superscrew Splice

The Superscrew Splice is an excellent alternative to hot or cold vulcanizing. It is abrasion resistant, long lasting, and is easy to install.  It even works well on conveyors when belt scrapers / cleaners are in place.

Looking for specific ACCESSORIES?
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